Something About You (Dub Version) - Vesta Williams

Something About You (Dub Version) (1986) (6'56) - Vesta Williams.
Written by Bryan Loren.
Produced by Bryan Loren & Billy Valentine.
Executive Producer: John McClain.
Remixed by Steve Hodge.
Assisted by John Hedgedes.
(P) 1986 A&M Records, Inc.

Something About You appears on the 1986 debut album Vesta.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Vesta published in 1986 on A&M Records. Cat. No. SP-5118:

Side 1

1. Something About You / 4'11
2. Sweet Thang / 5'08
3. Don't Blow A Good Thing / 4'35
4. Get Out of My Life / 5'16
5. I Can Make Your Dreams Come True / 3'41
Side 2

1. My Heart Is Yours / 5'27
2. You Make Me Want To (Love Again) / 4'59
3. It's You / 3'50
4. Don't Let Me Down / 4'12
5. Once Bitten Twice Shy / 4'03

(P) & (C) 1986 A&M Records, Inc.

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Front of record sleeve for US 12" vinyl pressing
of "Something About You". A&M Records. Cat.
No. SP-12221. Image courtesy of

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