Out of Control (Vocal Dub Version) - Evelyn "Champagne" King

Out of Control (Vocal Dub Version) (1984) (6'33) - Evelyn "Champagne" King.
Written by Jimmy Douglass and Eugene Jackson.
Produced by Jimmy Douglass.
Engineered by Jim "Doc" Dougherty.
"A Jonathan Fearing Mix".
(P) 1984 RCA Records.

Out of Control appears on the 1984 album So Romantic.

Track listing for the European vinyl pressing of So Romantic released in 1984 on RCA Records. Cat. No. PL85308:

Side 1

1. Show Me (Don't Tell Me) / 4'42
2. Heartbreaker / 5'00
3. Till Midnight / 5'01
4. Just For The Night / 4'45
5. Give Me One Reason / 3'58
Side 2

1. Out of Control / 5'30
2. Talking In My Sleep / 4'59
3. I'm So Romantic / 5'16
4. So In Love / 4'08

(P) 1984 RCA Corporation.

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Record label for Side B of US 12" vinyl pressing
of "Out of Control". RCA Records. Cat. No.
PW-13981. Image courtesy of Discogs.com

Video from YouTube channel Mr. Knitwear

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