Persuasion (12" Version) - Soft Cell

Persuasion (12" Version) (1981) (7'35) - Soft Cell.
Written Marc Almond and David Ball.
Singing by: Marc Almond.
Electronics: David Ball.
Produced by Daniel Miller.
Engineered by Pete Maben.
Recorded at Stage One (16 track), London, Dec. 1980
(P) & (C) 1981 Some Bizarre Label.

Persuasion is a non-album track first released on Side 2 of the 12" single, Memorabilia.

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Record label for Side 2 of UK 12" vinyl pressing
of "Persuasion". Some Bizarre Records. Cat.
No. HARD 12. Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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