Was Dog A Doughnut (Frontline Mix) - Jellybean Benitez

Was Dog A Doughnut (Frontline Mix) (1984) (7'55) - Jellybean Benitez.
Written by Yusuf Islam, aka, Cat Stevens.
Produced and Mixed by Jellybean Benitez for Jellybean Productions, Inc.
Recording and Mix Engineer: Michael Hutchinson.
(P) 1984 original sound recording made by EMI America Records.

Was Dog A Doughnut (Frontline Mix) appears on Side C of Jellybean Rocks The House!, a compilation album first released in 1988.

Track listing for the U.S. double-vinyl pressing of Jellybean Rocks The House! released in 1988 on Chrysalis Records. Cat. No. V2X-41652:

Side A

1. The Real Thing (West 26th Street Mix) / 7'40 - ft. Steven Dante
2. Coming Back For More (Part 1) / 6'52 - ft. Richard Darbyshire
3. Jingo (La Casa De Juego Mix) / 7'38

Side B

1. Just A Mirage (12" Remix) / 5'45 - ft. Adele Bertei
2. Little Too Good To Me (Long Hot Summer Mix) / 7'52 - ft. Elisa Fiorillo
3. Who Found Who (U.S. Club Mix) / 6'42 - ft. Elisa Fiorillo

Side C

1. Was Dog A Doughnut (Frontline Mix) / 7'55
2. Mirage (Dancers Dream) / 7'08 - Lead Vocal: India
3. Sidewalk Talk (Extended Dance Mix) / 6'06 - Lead Vocal: Catherine Buchanan

Side D

1. Anyway You Like It (Funhouse Mix) / 5'53
2. The Mexican (Extended Dance Mix) / 7'44 - Lead Vocal: Jenny Haan
3. The Real Thing (El Barrio Remix) / 6'00 - ft. Steven Dante

Produced by Jellybean for Jellybean Productions, Inc.
(P) Compilation 1988 Chrysalis Records, Inc.

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Jellybean Rocks The House - Jellybean Benitez - http://80smusicremixes.blogspot.co.uk
Record label for Side C of U.S. double-vinyl
pressing of "Jellybean Rocks The House!".
Chrysalis Records. Cat. No. V2X-41652.
Image courtesy of Discogs.com

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