Light My Fire (1985 Remix) - Amii Stewart

Light My Fire (1985 Remix) (7'38) - Amii Stewart.
Written by Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore and Robby Krieger, aka, The Doors / Barry Leng and Simon May.
Remixed by Alan Coulthard and Barry Leng.
Original production by Barry Leng.
(P) 1985 Sedition Records.
(C) 1991 Old Gold Records Ltd.

N.B. Light My Fire (1985 Remix) is the same as Light My Fire / 137 Disco Heaven (New Remix) (7'38) - Amii Stewart that may be found elsewhere on this blog.

"You know that it would be untrue. You know that I would be a liar. If I was to say to you, baby, we couldn't get much higher"...

The album version of Light My Fire is a medley (Light My Fire / 137 Disco Heaven) that appears on Knock On Wood, an album first released in 1979.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Knock On Wood released in 1979 on Ariola Records America. Cat. No. SW-50054:

Side 1

1. Knock On Wood / 6'13
2. You Really Touched My Heart / 4'29
3. Light My Fire / 137 Disco Heaven / 8'26
Side 2

1. Bring It On Back To Me / 3'56
2. Closest Thing To Heaven / 3'44
3. Am I Losing You / 3'20
4. Get Your Love Back / 3'56
5. Only A Child In Your Eyes / 3'07

Produced by Barry Leng for Hansa Productions.
(P) 1979 Ariola America, Inc.

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Front of insert for the UK 5" CD version of
"Knock On Wood (1985 Remix)" / "Light My Fire
(1985 Remix)". Sedition Records. Cat. No.
OG 6512. Image courtesy of 80sMusicReMixes.

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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