Don't Look Down (The Sequel) (Dance Version) - Go West

Don't Look Down (The Sequel) (Dance Version) (1987) (7'13) - Go West.
Produced by Gary Stevenson.
Remixed by Bruce Forest.
Engineered by Frank Heller.
(P) 1987 Chrysalis Records, Inc.

N.B. This mix is the same as Don't Look Down (The Sequel) (Bruce Forest Mix) (1987) (7'13) - Go West and Don't Look Down (The Sequel) (12" Extended Mix) (1987) (7'13) - Go West that may be found elsewhere on this blog.

Don't Look Down (The Sequel) appears on U.S. copies of the 1987 album, Dancing On The Couch.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Dancing On The Couch released in 1987 on Chrysalis Records. Cat. No. BFV 41550:

Side A

1. I Want To Hear It From You / 3'42
2. Little Caesar / 4'28
3. Masque of Love / 4'06
4. From Baltimore To Paris / 5'46
5. True Colours / 3'53
Side B

1. The King Is Dead / 4'26
2. Don't Look Down (The Sequel) / 4'20
3. Crossfire / 4'31
4. Dangerous / 3'55

Produced by Gary Stevenson.
(P) 1987 Chrysalis Records, Inc.

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Record label for Side A of promotional U.S. 12"
vinyl pressing of Don't Look Down (The Sequel).
Chrysalis Records. Cat. No. VAS 2760.
Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel Pie Ness