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Some Kind of Lover (Extended Version) - Jody Watley

Some Kind of Lover (Extended Version) (1987) (7'15) - Jody Watley.
Written by Andre Cymone & Jody Watley.
Produced by Andre Cymone and David Z.
Remixed by Louil Silas, Jr.
Engineered by Taavi Mote.
Additional Production by Victor Flores.
(P) 1987 MCA Records, Inc.

Some Kind of Lover appears on the 1987 album, Jody Watley.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Jody Watley released in 1987 for MCA Records. Cat. No. MCA-5898:

Vibe One

1. Looking For A New Love / 5'06
2. Still A Thrill / 4'48
3. Some Kind of Lover / 4'08
4. For The Girls / 3'51
Vibe Two

1. Love Injection / 3'45 *
2. Don't You Want Me / 4'10 *
3. Do It To The Beat / 4'45
4. Most of All / 4'48 **
5. Learn To Say No / 3'35 Feat. George Michael

Produced by André Cymone and David Z. except
* Produced by Bernard Edwards.
** Produced by Patrick Leonard.
(P) 1987 MCA Records, Inc.

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Record label for Side 1 of US 12" vinyl pressing
of "Some Kind of Lover". MCA Records. Cat. No.
MCA-23816. Image courtesy of

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