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Domino Dancing (Base Mix) - Pet Shop Boys

Domino Dancing (Base Mix) (1988) (6'10) – Pet Shop Boys.
Written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe.
Produced by Lewis A. Martinee for Pantera Productions.
Associate Producers: Pet Shop Boys.
Engineered by Mike Couzzi and Lewis A. Martinee.
Assistant Engineer: Ceaser Sogbe.
Mixed by Lewis A. Martinee, Rick "Billy Bob" Alonzo and Mike Couzzi.
Recorded & Mixed at International Sound, Miami, Florida, USA.
Additional Keyboards: Fro Sossa, Mike Bakst.
Guitar: Nestor Gomez.
Brass: Tony Conception, Kenneth William, Faulk, Dana Tebor, Ed Calle.
Trumpet solo: Tony Conception.
Backing vocals: The Voice In Fashion.
(P) 1988 EMI Records Ltd.

Domino Dancing appears on the 1988 album, Introspective.

"We were in America on a promotional visit and kept hearing the Latin disco hits of Expose on the radio. We'd written this [Domino Dancing] and wanted it to sound "Latin" so we contacted 'Lewis Martineé', Expose's producer, and a week later we were staying in a haunted hotel in Miami, recording Domino Dancing with him and a Cuban horn section" - Quote from the front CD insert of the 1991 compilation, Discography.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Introspective released in 1988 on EMI-Manhattan Records. Cat. No. E1-90868:

Side 1

1. Left To My Own Devices.
2. I Want A Dog.
3. Domino Dancing.
Side 2

1. I'm Not Scared.
2. Always On My Mind / In My House.
3. It's Alright.

(P) & (C) 1988 EMI Records Ltd.

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Record label for Side 1 of German 12" vinyl
pressing "Domino Dancing". EMI Records. Cat.
No. 060-20 2988 6. Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel RockAndPopClassic

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