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Blue Monday 1988 (John Potoker 12" Mix) - New Order

Blue Monday 1988 (John Potoker 12" Mix) (7'29) - New Order.
Written and Produced by New Order.
Production Supervisor on Remix: Quincy Jones.
Additional Production and Remix: John Potoker for Direct Eject, Inc.
Mix Engineer: Tokes.
(P) 1983 Qwest Records.

N.B. Blue Monday 1988 (John Potoker 12" Mix) is the same mix as Blue Monday 1988 (12" Mix) (7'29) - New Order that may be found elsewhere on this blog.

Blue Monday 1988 is a late 80s remix of the 1983 club anthem Blue Monday by New Order. Released in 1988, Blue Monday 1988 was remixed by John 'Tokes' Potoker who also remixed, among many other great songs, Sussudio by Phil Collins and I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down by Paul Young.

In an interview for www.thelastmiles.com, John Potoker was asked about the Blue Monday remix. John Potoker stated:

"It's funny, because I forget how many fans New Order has, and who those fans are. For example, [producer/composer/audio specialist] "BT" Brian Transeau is a really talented younger guy. We got to talking one day and I went see how his studio was set up, because I love his work, and he was telling me: "Yeah man! That New Order stuff, it's amazing!" I worked through Quincy Jones on that, because his record label Qwest had New Order [on its roster] in the States. Quincy came by that session and I did keyboard overdubs with a player called Robbie Buchanan. Robbie and Quincy knew each other. I got to hang with Q and talk about the track, and that was just a thrill - to be in the presence of Q was just incredible". Full interview Here!

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Front of record sleeve for US 12" vinyl pressing
of "Blue Monday 1988". Qwest Records. Cat.
No. 0-20869. Image courtesy of Discogs.com

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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