Nobody Else (Extended Remix) - Nick Kamen

Nobody Else (Extended Remix) (1987) (7'22) - Nick Kamen.
Written by Brenda Russell and Jeff Hull.
Produced by Stewart Levine for Oliverea Productions Ltd.
Additional Production and Remix by Arthur Baker for A.B.I. at Utopia Studios, London.
Edited by Junior Vasquez.
(P) 1987 WEA Records Ltd.

Nobody Else appears on the 1987 album Nick Kamen.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Nick Kamen released in 1987 on Sire Records. Cat. No. 1-25574:

Side 1

1. Win Your Love (Sam Cooke) / 3'59
2. Open The Door To Your Heart (Darrell Banks) / 4'15
3. Nobody Else (Brenda Russell & Jeff Hull) / 4'13
4. Into The Night (Benny Mardones & Robert Tepper) / 3'38
5. Come Softly To Me (Barbara Ellis, Gary Troxel & Gretchen Christopher) / 4'19
Side 2

1. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Stevie Wonder & Ivy Jo Hunter) / 3'46
2. Each Time You Break My Heart (Madonna & Stephen Bray) / 4'33 *
3. The Man In Me (Bob Dylan) / 3'56
4. Any Day Now (Burt Bacharach & Bob Hilard) / 3'52
5. Help Me Baby (David Lasley) / 4'15

Produced by Stewart Levine for Oliverea Productions Ltd.
Engineered and Mixed by Glenn Skinner.
* Produced by Madonna and Stephen Bray.
* Recorded and Mixed by Michael Hutchinson.
(P) 1987 WEA Records Ltd.

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Front of record sleeve for U.S. 12" vinyl
pressing of "Nobody Else". Sire Records. Cat.
No. 0-20750. Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel RETROREMIXES2