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Oh What A Feeling (The Paul Hardcastle Re-Mix) - Change

Oh What A Feeling (The Paul Hardcastle Re-Mix) (1985) (5'10) - Change.
Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus.
Co-Produced by Timmy Allen.
Remix by Paul Hardcastle.
(P) 1985 Atlantic Records Corporation.
(C) 1985 Chrysalis Records Ltd.

Oh What A Feeling appears on the 1985 album, Turn On Your Radio.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Turn On Your Radio released in 1985 on Atlantic Records. Cat. No. 81243-1:

Side 1

1. Turn On Your Radio / 5'15
2. Let's Go Together / 6'06
3. Examination / 5'34
4. You'll Always Be Part of Me / 5'25
Side 2

1. Oh What A Feeling / 5'42
2. Mutual Attraction / 6'00
3. Love The Way You Love Me / 5'39
4. If You Want My Love / 5'24

(P) 1985 Atlantic Records.

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Front of record sleeve for UK 12" vinyl pressing
of Oh What A Feeling (The Paul Hardcastle Remix).
Cooltempo Records. Cat. No. COOLX 109.
Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel Original Disco Culture

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