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Change Medley - Change

Change Medley (1984) (8'42) - Change.
Featuring 'Change of Heart', 'You Are My Melody' and 'Warm'.
All tracks by Terry Lewis / James Harris III.
Produced & Arranged by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for Flyte Tyme Productions.
Executive Producer: Jacques Fred Petrus for Little Macho Music Co. Inc.
A Froggy & Simon Harris Mix for Froggy Productions.
(P) 1984 Little Macho Music Co. Inc. under exclusive licence to WEA Records Ltd.

Change Medley features 3 tracks from the 1984 album, Change of Heart.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Change of Heart released in 1984 on Atlantic / RFC Records. Cat. No. 80151-1:

Side 1

1. Say You Love Me Again / 4'26
2. Change of Heart / 7'02
3. Warm / 5'00
4. True Love / 3'46
Side 2

1. You Are My Melody / 6'22
2. Lovely Lady / 3'53
3. Got My Eyes On You / 4'34
4. It Burns Me Up / 5'03

(P) 1984 Atlantic Recording Corporation.

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Record label for Side 2 of UK 12" vinyl pressing
of "Change Melody". WEA Records. Cat. No.
YZ32(T) Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel Original Disco Culture

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