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Skin Trade (Larry Levan Mix) - Duran Duran

Skin Trade (Larry Levan Mix) (1986) (7'45) - Duran Duran.
Written by Simon Lebon, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes.
Produced by Nile Rodgers and Duran Duran.
Remix by Larry Levan.
(P) 1986 Tritec Music Ltd.
(C) 1987 D.D. Productions.

N.B. Skin Trade (Larry Levan Mix) is the same mix as Skin Trade (Stretch Mix) (1986) (7'45) - Duran Duran that may be found elsewhere on this blog.

Skin Trade appears on the 1986 album, Notorious.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Notorious released in 1986 on Capitol Records. Cat. No. PJ-12540:

Side 1

1. Notorious
2. American Science
3. Skin Trade
4. A Matter of Feeling
5. Hold Me
Side 2

1. Vertigo (Do The Demolition)
2. So Misled
3. "Meet El Presidente"
4. Winter Marches On
5. Proposition

Produced by Nile Rodgers with Duran Duran.
Engineered and Mixed by Daniel Abraham.
(P) 1986 Tritec Music Ltd.

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Record label for Side A of US 12" vinyl pressing
of "Skin Trade (Stretch Mix)". Capitol Records.
Cat. No. V-15274. Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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