Let Me Love You (12" Vocal) - The Force M.D.'s.

Let Me Love You (12" Vocal) (1984) (5'08) - The Force M.D.'s.
Produced by Tom Silverman and Mr. Magic.
Arranged by Keith LeBlanc and Robin Halpin.
Exec. Producer: Tom Silverman.
Engineered by Frank Heller.
Mixed by Tom Silverman.
Recorded at Tommy Body and Unique Recording, NY.
Mastered by Herb Powers, Jr at Frankford Wayne, NY
Written by Force M.D.'s, Robin Halpin and Keith LeBlanc.
(C) & (P) 1984 Tommy Boy Music.

Let Me Love You appears on the 1984 album Love Letters.

Track listing for the original U.S. vinyl pressing of Love Letters released in 1984 on Tommy Boy Records. Cat. No. TBLP 1003:

Side 1

1. Be Mine / 5'18
2. Don't Make Me Dance (All Night Long) / 5'18
3. Tears / 4'17
4. Let Me Love You / 5'04
Side 2

1. Itchin' For A Scratch / 4'56
2. Forgive Me Girl / 4'22
3. Let's Stay Together / 4'37
4. I Just Wanna Love You / 4'50

Produced by Tom Silverman.
(C) (P) 1984 Tommy Boy Music, Inc.

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Front of record sleeve of original U.S. 12"
vinyl pressing of "Let Me Love You" on Tommy
Boy Records. Cat. No. TB-841. Image courtesy
of Discogs.com

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes