Took My Love Away (Factory Mix) - Ellis 'D'

Took My Love Away (Factory Mix) (1988) (8'02) - Ellis 'D'.
Produced, Mixed, Edited and Written by Junior Vasquez for JV Productions.
Recording Engineers: Mark Plat, Louis Scalise and David Sussman.
Mix Engineer: Mark Plati.
Recorded at Shakedown Sound, NYC.
(C) & (P) Minimal Records.

The original version of appears on the 1989 album Free Your Mind.

Track listing for the original U.S. vinyl pressing of Free Your Mind released in 1989 on Minimal Records. Cat. No. LP 200:

Side 1

1. Gotstobeadrag / 5'05
2. You Got Me Burnin' / 5'23
3. Jungle Jam / 5'01
4. Took My Love Away / 4'07
5. Acid Rain / 5'00
Side 2

1. I Will Survive / 6'03
2. Cum On U Can Git It / 4'30
3. It's Paradise / 8'16
4. Just A Queen / 6'07

Produced by Junior Vasquez for JV Productions.
Engineered by Mark Plati.
(C) & (P) Minimal Records.

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Side A of original US 12" vinyl pressing of
"Took My Love Away (Factory Mix)" on Mininal
Records. Cat. No. 5. Image from

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes