Megamix II (Why Is It Fresh?) - D.St.

Megamix II (Why Is It Fresh?) (1984) (8'19) - D.St.
Mega-Mix II includes: "Crazy Cuts" and "Cuts It Up", by D.ST; "Zulu Groove", "Shango Message", and "Thank You" by Shango; "Wild Style" by Time Zone; "Escapades of Futura 2000" by Futura 2000; and "You Can Make It" by The Rebels.
Rap by Infinity: Boo-ski, D.St., K.C. and Shahiem.
Arranged and Produced by D.St.
Recorded and Mixed at Evergreen Recording, NYC.
Engineered by Bob Musso.
Mixed by D.St. and Bob Musso.
(P) & (C) 1984 Celluloid Records, Inc.

Side A of original US 12" vinyl pressing of
"Megamix II (Why Is It Fresh?)" on Celluloid
Records. Cat. No. CEL-173. Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes