Break 4 Love (English Mix) - Raze

Break 4 Love (English Mix) (1988) (3'23) - Raze.
Produced, Written, Arranged, Engineered and Mixed by Vaughan Mason at Vaughan Mason Studios.
(P) 1988 CBS Records, Inc.

Break 4 Love appears on the 1988 album, Album 88.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Album 88 released in 1988 on Grove St. Records. Cat. No. GSR-020:

Side 1

1. Deep Lovin.
2. Don't Be Shy.
3. Nite Secrets.
4. I Need Your Love.
Side 2

1. Break 4 Love.
2. Whose Bed.
3. Don't Keep Me Guessin'
4. Chump Change.

Recorded at Vaughn Mason Studios.
Produced and Mixed by Vaughn Mason.
(P) 1988 Grove Street Records.

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Front of card sleeve for U.K. 5" CD version of
"Break 4 Love". Champion Records. Cat. No.
CHAMPCD 67. Image courtesy of 80sMusicReMixes

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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