Talking With Myself (Opium Mix) - Electribe 101

Talking With Myself (Opium Mix) (1988) (6'55) - Electribe 101.
Produced and Mixed by Electribe 1.0.1.
(P) & (C) 1988 Phonogram Ltd. (London).

Talking With Myself features the lead vocals of German-born, female vocalist, Billy Ray Martin, who in 1995 had a dance hit with her single, Your Loving Arms.

Talking With Myself appears on the 1990 album, Electribal Memories.

Track listing for the European vinyl pressing of Electribal Memories released in 1990 on Phonogram Records. Cat. No. 842 965-1:

Side 1

1. Talking With Myself.
2. Lipstick On My Lover.
3. You're Walking (Peeping Tom Mix).
4. Inside Out.
Side 2

5. Diamond Dove.
6. Heading For The Night.
7. Tell Me When The Fever Ended.
8. Talking 2.

(P) & (C) 1990 Phonogram Ltd (London).

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Front of insert for UK 5" CD version of Talking
With Myself. Club Records. Cat. No. JABCD 74
Image courtesy of 80sMusicReMixes

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