A Love Supreme (Extended Vocal Remix) - Will Downing

A Love Supreme (Extended Vocal Remix) (1988) (6'47) - Will Downing.
Produced by Will Downing for Crystal Clear Productions and Arthur Baker for Criminal Records, Inc.
Additional Production and Remix by Frankie Knuckles and David Morales for Def Mix Productions.
Overdub Engineer: David Sussman at Shakedown Sound, NYC.
Remix Engineer: John Poppo at Quantum Studios, N.J.
(P) & (C) 1988 Island Records, Inc

A Love Supreme appears on the 1988 self-titled album, Will Downing.

Track listing for the U.K. vinyl pressing of Will Downing released in 1988 on Island Records. Cat. No. BRLP 518:

Side A

1. In My Dreams / 4'57
2. Do You? / 5'11
3. Free / 5'55
4. A Love Supreme / 4'05
Side B

1. Security / 4'00
2. Set Me Free / 4'02
3. Sending Out A S.O.S. / 4'21
4. Dancin' In The Moonlight / 5'11
5. Do You Remember Love? / 3'59

(P) 1988 Island Records, Inc.

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Front of record sleeve for U.S. 12" vinyl
pressing of "A Love Supreme". Island Records.
Cat. No. 0-96607. Image from Discogs.com

Video from YouTube channel wwwInfinityFMde

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