One Small Day (Club Version) - Ultravox

One Small Day (Club Version) (1984) (7'50) - Ultravox.
Produced by Ultravox.
Remixed by Francois Kevorkian and John Potoker at Right Track, New York.
(P) 1984 Chrysalis Records, Inc.

N.B. One Small Day (Club Version) is the same mix as One Small Day (Special Remix) (1984) (7'50) - Ultravox that may be found elsewhere on this blog.

One Small Day appears on Lament, an album first released in 1984.

Track listing for the U.K. vinyl pressing of Lament released in 1984 on Chrysalis Records. Cat. No. CDL 1459:

Side A

1. White China / 3'50
2. One Small Day / 4'30
3. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes / 4'39
4. Lament / 4'40
Side B

1. Man of The World / 4'27
2. Heart of The Country / 5'05
3. When The Time Comes / 4'56
4. A Friend I Call Desire / 5'09

Produced by Ultravox.
(P) & (C) 1984 Chrysalis Records Ltd.

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Record label for Side 2 of Canadian 12" vinyl
pressing of "One Small Day (Club Version)".
Chrysalis Records. Cat. No. CS-42783.
Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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