Touchy! (Go-Go Mix) - A-Ha

Touchy! (Go-Go Mix) (1988) (8'37) - A-Ha.
Produced by Alan Tarney.
Additional Production and Remix by Paul Simpson.
Remix Engineer: Bob Blank.
(P) 1988 Warner Bros. Records, Inc. for the U.S. & WEA International, Inc. for the world outside the U.S.

Touchy! appears on the 1988 album Stay On These Roads.

Track listing for the U.S. vinyl pressing of Stay On These Roads published in 1988 on Records. Cat. No. 1-25733:

This Side

1. Stay On These Roads / 4'44
2. The Blood That Moves The Body / 4'05
3. Touchy! / 4'31
4. This Alone Is Love / 5'13
5. Hurry Home / 4'38
Other Side

1. The Living Daylights / 4'55
2. There's Never A Forever Thing / 2'50
3. Out of Blue Comes Green / 6'41
4. You Are The One / 3'48
5. You'll End Up Crying / 2'05

Produced by Alan Tarney.
(P) 1988 Warner Bros. Records Inc for the U.S.

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Front of record sleeve for German 12" vinyl
pressing of "Touchy! (Go-Go Mix)".
Warner Bros. Records. Cat. No. 921 044.
Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel RockAndPopClassic

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