Body Talk (Frankie Knuckles Remix) - Imagination

Body Talk (Frankie Knuckles Remix) (1989) (7'20) - Imagination.
Written by Steve Jolley, Tony Swain, Leee John & Ashley Ingram.
Original Production and Arrangement by Tony Swain & Steve Jolley.
Mixed and Engineered by Tony Swain and Morgan Khan.
Remixed by Frankie Knuckles for Def Mix Productions.
(P) & (C) 1989 Stylus Music Ltd.

N.B. Body Talk (Frankie Knuckles Remix) is the same mix as Body Talk ('89 Remix) that may be found elsewhere on this blog.

Body Talk (Frankie Knuckles Remix) is a late 80s remix by Frankie Knuckles of Body Talk, a song by Imagination from their debut album of the same name first released in 1981.

Body Talk (Frankie Knuckles Remix) appears as Body Talk on Like It Is, a compilation of Revised and Remixed Classics first released in 1989.

Track listing for the European CD version of Like It Is first released in 1989 on RCA Records. Cat. No. PD-74183:

1. Changes / 5'17 - Mixed by David Morales
2. Burning Up / 4'50 - Mixed by David Morales
3. Just An Illusion / 5'52 - Mixed by Mike Pickering and Graeme Park
4. Body Talk / 7'16 - Mixed by Frankie Knuckles
5. L.T.O. (Love's Taking Over) / 6'25 - Mixed by David Morales
6. In and Out of Love / 4'36
7. Instinctual / 7'30 - Mixed by David Morales
8. So Good So Right / 4'39 - Mixed by Craig Kallman
9. Flashback / 4'06
10. Music and Lights / 5'02 - Mixed by Tony Humphries
11. Give Into Love / 6'50 - Produced by David Morales
12. In The Heat of The Night / 5'11
13. Megamix - Edited Version / 5'12

(P) 1989 BMG Records Ltd.

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Like It Is: Revised and Remixed Classics - Imagination
Front of insert for European CD version of
"Like It Is". RCA Records. Cat. No. PD-74183.
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Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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