Divine Emotions (Shep Pettibone Remix) - Narada

Divine Emotions (Shep Pettibone Remix) (1988) (8'58) - Narada.
Written by N. M. Walden and J. Cohen.
Produced by Narada Michael Walden for Perfection Light Productions.
Additional Production: Shep Pettibone for Mastermix Productions.
(P) 1988 Reprise Records for the U.S.

Divine Emotions is the title track from the 1988 album by Narada Michael Walden. The track also features on the Warner Bros. Original Motion Soundtrack and United Artists film, Bright Lights, Big City, starring Michael J. Fox.

Track listing for the U.K. CD version of Divine Emotions released in 1988 on Reprise Records. Cat. No. 925 694-2:

1. Divine Emotions.
2. Can't Get You Outta My Head.
3. That's The Way That I Feel About Cha.
4. Wild Thing.
5. How Can I Make You Stay.
6. Explosion.
7. I Belong.
8. But What You Doh?
9. Certain Kind of Lover.
10. Jam The Night.
11. We Still Have A Dream.

Produced and Arranged by Narada Michael Walden for Perfection Light Productions.
(P) 1988 Reprise Records.

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Record label for Side 1 of U.S. 12" vinyl
pressing of "Divine Emotions". Reprise Records.
Cat. No. 0-20874. Image courtesy of Discogs.com

Video from YouTube channel Mr. Knitwear