New Religion (Carnival Version) - Duran Duran

New Religion (Carnival Version) (1982) (5'16) - Duran Duran.
Written and Arranged by Duran Duran.
Produced by Colin Thurston.
Mixed by David Kershenbaum.
(P) 1982 Tritec Music Ltd.

New Religion appears on the album, Rio.

Track listing for the U.K. vinyl pressing of Rio released in 1982 on EMI Records. Cat. No. EMC 3411:

Side 1

1. Rio.
2. My Own Way.
3. Lonely In Your Nightmare.
4. Hungary Like The Wolf.
5. Hold Back The Rain.
Side 2

1. New Religion.
2. Last Chance On The Stairway.
3. Save A Prayer.
4. The Chauffeur.

All songs composed and arranged by Duran Duran.
Produced and engineered by Colin Thurston.
(P) 1982 Tritec Music Ltd.

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Front of record sleeve for Japanese 12" vinyl
pressing of Carnival mini-album.
Toshiba-EMI Records. Cat. No. EMS-50125.
Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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