New Religion (Carnival Version) - Duran Duran

New Religion (Carnival Version) (1982) (5'16) - Duran Duran.
Written and Arranged by Duran Duran.
Produced by Colin Thurston.
Mixed by David Kershenbaum.
(P) 1982 Tritec Music Ltd.

New Religion (Carnival Version) appears on Carnival, a Japanese mini-album first released in 1982 containing 5 Night Versions of songs taken from the album, Rio.

Track listing for the Japanese vinyl pressing of Carnival released in 1982 on Toshiba-EMI Records. Cat. No. EMS-50125:

Side 1

1. Rio (Pt. II) /
2. Hold Back The Rain (Re-Mix) /
3. My Own Way /
Side 2

1. Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version) /
2. New Religion /

(P) 1982 Original Sound Recordings Made By Tritec Music

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Carnival EP / Mini-Album - Duran Duran -
Front of record sleeve for Japanese 12" vinyl
pressing of Carnival mini-album.
Toshiba-EMI Records. Cat. No. EMS-50125.
Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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