Sex (Extended Club Mix) - Paul Young

Sex (Extended Club Mix) (1983) (6'52) - Paul Young.
Written by Jack Lee.
Produced by Laurie Latham for LOL Productions Ltd.
(P) 1983 CBS Inc.

"This (Sex) was one where we'd already done the demo, and again, Laurie remixed it to show off his capabilities to the record company, and I really loved it. Then we appeared on The Tube, and as can happen when you're young and easily excited, the tempo it was supposed to be, got raised a little by the time we were on TV, and playing live, and the song became a bit more manic than the demo. When we got back in the studio that weekend. Laurie said, 'That's the way we should cut Sex; we should do it exactly like you did it on The Tube'. So that's what we did. "I decided I'd get as many people saying 'sex' as possible at the beginning of the song. I'd carry around this tape recorder and when I'd meet other pop stars such as Mari Wilson, I'd get them to say 'sex'. I even got Maggie Thatcher, when she was on TV talking to someone about 'Middlesex' - I chopped off the 'middle' and just used the 'sex' bit! it just made me smile every time I heard it". - Quote by Paul Young, May 2013, from the liner notes for the 2-CD collection, Remixes And Rarities, Cherry Pop Records, Cat. No. CRPOPD128, released in 2013.

Sex appears on the 1983 album, No Parlez.

Track listing for the U.K. vinyl pressing of No Parlez released in 1983 on CBS Records. Cat. No. CBS 25521:

Side 1

1. Come Back and Stay (Jack Lee) / 4'57
2. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division) / 5'00
3. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home) (Marvin Gaye, Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong) / 5'18 *
4. Ku-Ku Kurama (Steve Bolton) / 4'19
5. No Parlez (Anthony Moore) / 4'57
Side 2

1. Love of The Common People (John Hurley / Ronnie Wilkins) / 4'56 *
2. Oh Women (Jack Lee adapted by Paul Young / Jimmie O'Neill) / 3'35
3. Iron Out The Rough Spots (Booker T. Jones / Dave Porter / Steve Cropper) / 4'47 *
4. Broken Man (Paul Young / Ian Kewley) / 3'54
5. Tender Trap (Paul Young / Ian Kewley) / 4'32
6. Sex (Jack Lee) / 4'49

Produced by Laurie Latham for LOL Productions.
(P) 1983 CBS Records except
* (P) 1982 CBS Records.

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Front of record sleeve for US 12" vinyl pressing
of "Sex". Columbia Records. Cat. No.
44-04077. Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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