The Cameo Megamix Two - Cameo

The Cameo Megamix Two (1987) (9'11) - Cameo.
Includes: Attack Me With Your Love, Single Life, Room 123 (She's Strange), Candy, Back & Forth and Word Up.
Megamix by Les "Mixdoctor" Adams, aka, Les Adams, of Disco Mix Club (UK).
(P) 1987 PolyGram Records, Inc (New York).

Track listing for the U.K. 12" vinyl pressing of The Cameo Megamix Two released in 1987 on Club Records. Cat. No. JABXR 57:

Side A

1. The Cameo Megamix Two / 9'10

(P) 1987 PolyGram Records, Inc (New York).

Side B

1. She's Mine / 4'36

(P) 1986 PolyGram Records, Inc (New York).

2. The Sound Table / 3'38

(P) 1981 PolyGram Records, Inc (New York).

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Record label for Side A of UK 12" vinyl pressing
of "The Cameo Megamix Two". Club Records. Cat.
No. JABXR 57. Image courtesy of

Video from YouTube channel 80sMusicReMixes

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